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Growers, Processors, Exporters

 Every Customer is Custom


Almond Ace is located in the heart of San Joaquin’s fertile valley, where our almond orchards see sunny days and cool nights with a Delta breeze. We produce almonds of all varieties that are unparalleled in quality anywhere else. 

As growers, huller-shellers, processors, and exporters, we are invested in every step. From field, to sheller, to processor, to buyer-- we grow, process, custom process, ship, export and deliver premium California Almonds. Our happy customers all around the world enjoy these heart-healthy California Almonds.  The truth is, we’re in the heart of California, so we like to share our sunshine.  

We have earned an excellent reputation and can process and ship almonds–using the latest technology and under strict quality control standards–into the following pack styles, worldwide:


  • Brown skin almonds (all pack styles, varieties, and specifications)
  • In-shell almonds (most of the varieties grown in California)
  • Dry roasted almonds
  • Blanched/blanched-manufactured almonds
  • Natural/natural-manufactured
  • Sliced, diced, silvered almonds (natural, blanched, & dry roasted)
  • Almond paste or almond nut butter, blanched or natural (typically delivered in pails)